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  Continuing Education  

Click here for the credits you can earn at the 2016 WWETT Show (formerly the "Pumper Show"

Check back for SR1 credits earned at the 2016 PASEO Conferences.

During each 2-year SR1 CE cycle, an SR1 inspector must earn 16 CE credits prior to his/her anniversary date. Certification immediately expires if this requirement is not met. 101 & 102 inspectors do not need to earn continuing education credits for their certification -- only SR1 inspectors.

No credits may accrue prior to entering the CE Program.

Certification Expiration Policy Regarding CE Credits

If the certification expiration was due to failure to meet the continuing education requirement of 16 credits, the inspector has up to 12 months to recertify at the SR1 level; however, after 12 months of non-certification he must recertify at the 102 level.

Possible Sources of Credit for Continuing Ed Program

Credit Values: Continuing Ed participants are responsible to notify the PSMA office of any education for which they expect to receive credit. Proof of attendance is required.

Regional Meetings w/ approved training content 2 credits
Half-day (up to 4 hrs.) w/ approved training content 4 credits
Full-day (more than 4 hrs.) w/ approved training content 6 credits
PSMA Conference (per approved session) 1 credit/hour
Confined Space Training 6 credits
PASEO Conference workshops (per approved session) 1. 5 credits
Basic PSMA/PASEO installer course 6 credits
PSMA/PASEO Drip installer course 4 credits
Ecoflo installer course 3 credits
DEP SEO Academy 16 credits
PSMA-approved DEP online courses for SEO cont. ed same as DEP awards

Other Training Events

  • Training events sponsored by other groups may earn CE credits.
  • PSMA office must be notified at least one month in advance so that the PSMA Ed. Comm. chairperson has sufficient time to review course content and trainer credentials to determine credit value, if any.
  • Proof of attendance is required.

DEP-Sanctioned Training

PSMA inspectors participating in the continuing ed program and who successfully complete DEP-sanctioned training for Sewage Enforcement Officers shall receive PSMA contintinuing ed credits in a number equal to the number of credits awarded by DEP for the respective training courses. Proof of attendance is required.

Credit Carryover

Every participant in the PSMA Continuing Ed program shall earn sixteen (16) continuing ed credits in every two-year cycle. These credits may be earned at any time in the two-year cycle. No credits shall be carried over as it is PSMA's goal to encourage these individuals to gain as much continuing education as practicable, rather than restrict their independent educational efforts.

Submit Proof for Your Earned SR1 Credits

Additionally, to help you report and keep track of your SR-1 Continuing Education Credits, PSMA has developled a mechanism to upload your certificates of completion for the qualifying classes you attended. Simply complete the form below, attach your proof of completion, and submit. Since these features are new, please contact the PSMA office ( if you have any question or problems. Additionally, we appreciate any bug reports so we can make the system better for everyone.


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